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10 Reasons why Soho on crown is your home for curly hair"

how to control curly hair

1. You went to a traditional stylist and cried when you went home. Hairstylists are not trained in Hair School or TAFE on how to deal with Curly Hair. They are only taught one method of cutting, straight cutting, and might even be taught that curly hair needs to be thinned out and/or straightened with hot tools before cutting. You need a Curly Hair Specialist like Rogerio Cosmo at Soho on Crown , who has received extensive training, in Brazil following the Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, and Silicone-free philosophy, and understands the special attention that curly hair requires. 2. You asked for "maybe an inch off" and lost at least 6 inches. Curly hair has a bounce factor. When a curl is pulled down and stretched out it can be a couple to several inches longer than at it's relaxed state. This is why curly hair is cut dry, in its natural formation, and without tension or elevation. 3. Your regular hairstylist used a comb on your hair. If your hairstylist pulls out a comb, run quickly. They are clearly not trained in Curly Hair Artistry. Combing and brushing are not necessary and can stretch and damage your fragile curls. A curly hair specialist will show you and teach you how to detangle, with conditioner, when your hair is wet.

soho on crown curly hair treatment

4. You are tired of people saying you look like a "wild woman". You can be a professional and curly at the same time! You can learn to kill the frizz and love your curl (and make your friends super jealous!). 5. You have been asked "why is your hair so frizzy?" more times than you can count. Straight-haired people just don't understand! *sigh 6. You cannot brush your hair. Ever. If you do, you become a giant puffball. Like a pom pom. Or a troll doll. Unacceptable. 7. Your child is of mixed race and you have no idea what to do for their hair. You want your child to embrace who they are and take pride in their mixed ethnicity. Let's face it, mixed children are adorable!!! We can work together to help you help your child. 8. You hate it when it rains. You really, really, really hate the google weather app!. You can live free from worry and anxiety with the proper products and application techniques for your specific type of hair. 9. You are fed up with chemical relaxers and straighteners. You have been chemically burned for the last time. You are done. Now, how to transition?

curly hair treatments

10. You deserve to have someone who knows how to work with your curl! You are sick and tired of fighting with your hair, of blowing it out, of braiding it on rainy days, of flat-ironing and smelling burning hair. You are sick of having split ends! Your curly hair specialist, Rogerio Cosmo can work with you; teaching and guiding you in the proper care, maintenance, and styling of your natural curl.

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Aren't you tired of fighting it? Learn to LOVE it! - FOR BOOKINGS PLEASE CLICK HERE


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