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The low down on Keratin treatments

by Glen Fitzgerald, Style Advisor

"It's a life changer for the ladies..."

keratin treatment soho on crown

Often referred to as a "Brazilian Blowout," (it's just the name of a brand that popularized the treatment), Keratin treatments have gained popularity for the miraculous smoothing and humidity-blocking effect they have on the hair. At our salon, Soho on Crown in Darlinghurst, keratin treatment appointments start booking up as soon as the temperatures rise. “It makes your hair silky and shiny,” says Leo, the salon’s Keratin specialist. “Even better, you never have to worry about how the weather is going to affect your hair and crazy humidity.” What is a keratin treatment?

“It’s a soft, smoothing treatment that takes away 100 percent of the frizz and up to 90 percent of the curl pattern in some cases,” Glen says. “Your hair may still be wavy but very soft, smooth, and shiny.” And most importantly, easy for you to do saving you time each day!

keratin treatment soho on crown

Keratin is a chemical treatment.

A small % of formaldehyde is required to get the hair straight. While the chemical has a bad rap (it is a carcinogen that could possibly cause respiratory problems if exposure is frequent), doing it in a well-ventilated salon with a professional stylist like our guys makes it safe. We also have organic options available as an alternative.

How does it work?

Plan on blocking out some time for the treatment, since it will take about three hours to do the treatment. “We use the true Brazilian product De Ja vu ,” Glen says. “It starts with a clarifying shampoo, then we blow dry, apply the product, dry again and flat iron.” When you walk out of the salon—you’ve got a whole new hair texture.

And our product does not affect your colour like others can! - In fact we even have a special blonde keratin treatment which tones the yellow out at the same time!

How long do the results from a keratin treatment last?

Up to four months.

Glen says the first cardinal rule of keratin is much like the one we know for perm maintenance (which we all learned from Legally Blonde): "A downside for some is that your hair has to stay straight and down for 24 hours but most clients don’t mind.” Aftercare makes a huge difference when it comes to how long the treatment will last, too. “We recommend any sodium chloride-free shampoo or a very gentle sulfate-free shampoo works, too. And we have these on our shelves at very affordable prices!”

soho on crown keratin treatment


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