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Balayage on Asian hair: TOP 7 mythbusters - READ this now

Balayage on Asian Hair

Balayage is a French term that refers to an in-salon freehand painting of the hair as a colouring technique. This aims to create natural – looking, multi dimensional, and celebrity worthy hair colours. Before heading to Soho for your upcoming colour service , here are 7 myths vs facts about balayage you must know first:


Balayage on Asian Hair

FACT # 1 In order to be natural and effective each individual look must be customised and improvised by the colourist. “Asians hair texture is completely different from Caucasians”, says Leo Pimpa colour director at Soho and balayage expert in Sydney. In terms of colour pigments, thickness and ability to lighten in a single session. Moreover, everyone’s existing hair colour and skin tone is unique and the hairdresser must adapt a look to suit. This brings us to the next myth… MYTH # 2

myths on asian balayage

FACT #2 Customising a colour style on Asians hair usually entails a combination of different colouring techniques outside of just hand painting. Why? Because Asian hair is naturally so dark and super resilient – the hair is harder to lift.

“Think of it like painting a wall”, says Leo Pimpa. “If you have a dark charcoal wall and you want to paint it to be light dreamy pink, first you must undercoat it. This prepares the surface for the new colour. It is the same with balayage on Asian hair” Sometimes the application of foils or brush is what is needed for that particular style or job and a good professional colourist will adapt to this for each client. MYTH # 3

balayage darlinghurst

FACT # 3 All dye jobs will fade to a brassy shade overtime with out the proper care, toning and repeat applications.

“The first thing dark hair does when bleach is applied is to reveal the underlying pigment. Red and orange pigments are rampant in Asian hair. Which means overtime when the artificial dyes (toner ) fades away, it will expose these warm pigments , resulting in brassy hair.” Explains Leo.

Clients should know from the outset it usually requires two or more separate lightening sessions to remove the warm pigments sufficiently enough to stop it turning brassy. You can also use our DeLorenzo blonde shampoo and conditioners to thwart off those unwanted tones between visits. MYTH #4


FACT #4 “Going from dark to light is a process and a journey, not a one off , cheap and easy process!”, insists Pimpa. “As a good friend of mine used to say to her clients before she retired = do you want to take your hair home on your head, or in your hand bag”….. So many salons will re-apply the bleach more than once in a single session or use a dangerously high volume of peroxide, both which mean dire results for the structure and integrity of your hair. Think of words like “fried”, “snapped” and “broken” and youre on the right track! Going from dark to extreme lightness is usually not doable in one salon visit. Especially so with balayae which is a softer hand painted technique and usually without additional heat. MYTH #5


FACT #5 “What a load of crap !!! the options for non bleach balayage are limited, complicated, and usually very ugly,” offers Leo in no uncertain terms. For non bleach balayage on dark coloured Asian hair we can opt only for maybe colours like chocolate or shades of red like scarlet but the result is never as effective because the contract will be lower and less. MYTH #6


FACT #6 Olaplex, wellaplex and other bond strengthening treatments only help to reduce the level of damage caused to the hair. Technology with hair colour and care has advanced considerably allowing us to reduce damage with these products but its not the be all and end all the companies are saying. “In most cases it’s a case of great marketing !!! Costing you money…”, says Leo again. “While they do their job I would prefer you consider the care for your hair in the lead up to your session with me rather than after,” “To better prep your hair before a balayage session please come in and see us and swap out your usual conditioner with one of our Davroe organic protein rich treatments once a week! This gives Leo healthy and strong hair to work on” says Glen Fitzgerald, Leo’s business partner. “this makes much more sense and you’ll spend under $40 instead of more than $80” MYTH #7

Balayage expert darlinghurst

FACT #7 No , it can be customised for straight hair as well. “A hair stylist who is well versed with balayage and doing it each and every day like I am”, says Leo – “will be able to blend the colours seamlessly for a look that suits either straight or wavy hair.” Remember, avoid going for those chunky highlights that stand out from across the street and opt for a soft natural sunkissed look . Chunky is cheap, unappealing tiger stripes.

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